"Reinvented Rest" Travel Pillow with Wrap-Around Neck Support

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Finally you can sleep comfortably while traveling!  Great for use on planes, trains, and automobiles, this pillow will make your next trip more comfortable than ever.  This pillow packs down flat and doesn't require any inflation.  The ergonomic design keeps your head and neck supported, and doesn't need constant adjusting if you change positions.  Our reviewers tell us this is especially nice when your kid wakes you up for the 23rd time to help them adjust their seatbelt buckle!  

Get yours while they're still in stock - sweet dreams and safe travels!


As of June 12, 2017 we have 40 units in stock, and we are offering them at a significant discount. Once this batch of inventory has been purchased, units will return to the original price. Don't worry - the retail price is still a great deal for this rest-easy wrap-around travel pillow.