"Mini Pro Kit" 6 Lens Kit for Smartphones with Telephoto, Tripod, and Bluetooth Remote

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Upgrade your smartphone with a telephoto lens that fits in your pocket!  You'll never miss the opportunity for that perfect long-distance photo.   Whether you're stalking celebrities in Hollywood, watching wildlife in the great outdoors, catching the action at a sporting event, or exploring the details of a historic city, you'll get the shot you need - right from your phone!

Thanks to its simple clip-on installation, these lenses fits on any smartphone with a flat external camera lens. 




As of June 12, 2017 we have 100 units in stock, and we are offering them at a significant discount. Once this batch of inventory has been purchased, units will return to the original price. Don't worry - the retail price is still a great deal for this must-have zoom lens kit.